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ASAP Information

Our Mission

ASAP is dedicated to raising the awareness of a potentially dangerous patient safety issue: the non-anesthesiologist / CRNA administration of Propofol. Our purpose is to promote the safe and effective use of Propofol. As anesthesia professionals we have a responsibility to ourselves to our profession and most importantly to our patients. We must not ignore this grave issue. As stewards of patient safety we must assiduously work to advocate against interests that serve to undermine years of hard work and advancements in medicine.

Our Team

ASAP's team consists of doctors, specialists and numerous experts in a number of fields all working towards the same goal.

Our Efforts

Grass Roots Mailings

Since August 2005, ASAP has been conducting a comprehensive letter, e-mail and fax mailing campaign. Thousands of anesthesiologists and gastroentorologists have received our message, all with instructions on how they themselves can take action and get others involved. For a copy of our current letter, please visit our Sample Letters page.

Legislative Advocacy

Administering Propofol without comprehensive training in anesthesia and airway management presents a significant risk to patient care. By working with the FDA, public health officials, elected representatives and you, we will raise awareness on the risks associated with this unsafe practice.

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